Monday, May 16, 2011

Studio Update!

Hey guys!  Just a quick video update on the small studio/gallery that I am currently working on putting together for Photography by Jack.  I can't wait until it's done and I can start using it for myself and my amazing clients!

I shot this clip by setting my 50D on a bucket and setting the remote to shoot every 3 seconds. :o)  It's about 1,000 pictures in all!  The blurry video clip at the end was recorded on my mac laptop to give a shot of more of the room.

Bonus points if you spot three things in this 1 and a half minute clip:

1. Me, holding up two jugs of painting glaze right in front of the camera. 

2. A long drip that I catch after it almost makes it down the wall to the floor

3. Mail arriving with my little sister Emily's senior pictures and me opening the package and showing the two 8x10s to the camera.


  1. The studio looks great; and boy, can you sure paint fast! ;)

  2. Thanks Nicole, I am already looking forward to installing the trim!

    Hahaha! I wish I could paint that fast. By the end of the day, my fingers hurt from gripping those painting pads for hours!

  3. Of all three things to spot , I only caught...
    #3. Mail arriving with Emily's senior pictures and you opening the package and showing them to the camera.:)
    Pretty Cool!

  4. I only caught #1 and #3...nice musical backdrop too, btw. :)


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