Friday, December 20, 2013

Photography workshops for Summer 2014

Hello People!  We are doing some long range planning for "after-baby" this summer.  We know a lot of you wanted to make it to the first photography class we taught but weren't able to make it due to schedule.

We are planning on teaching three different levels this summer, one class for each and we just need to know who is interested in these classes.  Don't worry, you are not signing up by saying that you are interested, we just want to know if we have enough interest to try to schedule all three.

Level 1 - Basic photographer fundamentals and how to use your camera.  Basic non-SLR cameras and newbie photographers who don't know the photography jargon should attend this one.  This will be our most basic, hands on, just starting photography course.

Level 2 - Introduction to SLR photography.  So you own an SLR but you have no idea what all the buttons do and how to really use the power of your camera?  This is the course for you.

Level 3 - Going Pro.  So you have been complimented by many people on your photography and you are thinking about taking it up a level to pro for your own personal use or for possibly starting your own business.  This course will deal with all the steps to taking your good photography to great, sell-able photography.

More details will follow if we generate enough interest, so if you want to hear more, please let us know that you are interested and we will share more of the fun details.   Cost will probably be around $150 for each full day class and we will provide lunch, so you can't beat that! :)

Comment below or message us with the level that you would be interested if you decided to attend.  Looking forward to sharing great material with you guys this summer!

Also, if you want to have us all to yourself for a day, you can contact us and we will give you a custom quote.  Think about it, a full day of learning and asking us any and every question you have about photography, maybe in downtown Chicago? Just sayin. :)
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