Saturday, December 3, 2011

Product shoot

Okay readers, I need your help!  I have never done a product shoot before, so when some friends asked me to do a preview shoot for their handmade soaps, I was pretty excited.

So what I need you to do, is look through this post and tell me which pictures are your favorites, the ones that really catch your eye and make you want to buy the product. :o)

Leave your responses in the comment section below and thank you in advance for your opinion!



These last two pictures are thrown in as a bonus lesson for all you photographers that are trying to learn more about your camera.

If you haven't learned what aperture is and how it affects the picture, research it online and figure out how to adjust it on your camera.

Here is the difference that aperture can make.  Both pictures were shot within seconds of each other, same lighting, same distance, same everything except for the aperture setting on my camera.

The first picture was shot at f/22 the second picture was shot at f/1.4
  Now picture putting a portrait subject in front of these amazing soft lights!  Awesome, right?


  1. #6 and #9 are my faves. They really bring out the products' colors. :)

  2. #'s 5, 9, and 10 are the best.
    Gotta love the natural sunlight in #9 and 10.

  3. Number 2 is my favorite.

  4. Jessie VanderVeldeDecember 3, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    1, 5 ,6 8, 9 I like but 13 I love, especially for the winter. :)8 caught my eye cause of the variety you can see.

  5. 2, 10, and 13 were my favorites. They really showed off the soaps.

  6. #1, #6 and #8 are my favorite !
    Cindy Garcia

  7. #2 & #7 are my favorites because they are "clean"--and the focus is on the soaps themselves.

    Just my thoughts! :)

  8. 1,2 and 8 are really good, but I really love #10!

  9. #4 #10 and #11! :) Just seems to catch the attention faster!
    Jessica Nero

  10. I gotta say #2 and #9 look the best and beg for attention, but the one that would make me want to buy it the most would be #13. Maybe it's just the Christmas season though...

  11. They are all very nice but I like #5, #8, and #13 the best! Love the Christmas lights in #13. =D

  12. 8, 9, and 10 are my favorites.

    You did a great job!!

  13. 1, 10, and 13 were my favorites :)

  14. I like #10. Very rustic and clean.

  15. btw, where could i obtain these great-looking soaps?

  16. Thank you all for you input, I always like to hear your opinions on what makes you go "Oh sweet!" :o)

    James, I will email you their contact info. They are still working on getting the website set up. The soaps have a great smell, and even better, they are made with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals like what you get with normal store bought soap.

  17. #2 and #13
    Seems like a few real ingredients added to the picture would help sell the "natural" connection. Apples and maybe some green leaves for the cider soaps. Add vanilla blossoms with a rustic pile of oatmeal. The stones with some sand and driftwood for the sandalwood... etc.

    I'm really not trying to be critical at all. It's just a few random thoughts. The photos look great. Especially #13. I really like the festive look for the Christmas time of year. :)

  18. I like #10 and #3.... All of them are great tho...

  19. #2 and #10 were my favs, although I loved the bokeh effects in the last couple of shots too.


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