Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rick & Lizzie - Engagement

So here it is, the promised post of at least five pictures from Liz and Rick's engagement session.

We decided to go with a casual picnic theme, seeing as we will be getting formal pictures at the wedding in about two months.

I know this is my sister, but still, they were so fun to shoot!  I only wish all my couples were as easy going and relaxed as these two.

Enough jabber for are the pictures!


  1. Great pictures Jack! I really like the third, eighth, and tenth pictures.

  2. I couldnt choose just one !! BUT I really like the one you are leaning on the fence and REALLY like the one you focused on the heart hands infront of them. NICE pics !!! Then again they are so nice cuz of the two nice looking people in them. Great shots !!

  3. Thanks guys! They do look good together, don't they?


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