Monday, April 25, 2011

Flashbulb Moment!

This Saturday, I had a blast getting together with some photographers and hitting up Chicago for a great time of discussion, photography and awesome memories!

Thanks everyone who made it out for Flashbulb Moment, I hope you enjoyed our day together!
What a great group of people to hang out with in Chicago!

The people in our group who weren't shooting pictures that day did a great job modeling for those of us who were snapping away.  (Whoops, didn't mean to make that rhyme, I'll try not to do that again next time.)

Check out Alyssa's blog to see some of her photography skills!
Nicole also keeps her blog fresh and up-to-date with pictures, so stop by and say hello to her!
Messing around with reflections...

Can't forget to get a picture of my delicimoso lunch of chicken enchiladas.  So good!

I end up in this church yard some way or the other almost every time.  I love the stonework and the peaceful atmosphere in the middle of a bustling city!

The gusty breezes kept us all laughing as it swept hair every direction.  (Except mine of course) :o)

Emily, in her own little Secret Garden.

As you can see, everyone that came was super fun and willing to do crazy stuff for the photographer!

The three musketeer....ettes. :o)

We won't mention how long it took to get through the line to get to the top of the Hancock building, but we finally made it up and got a few pictures before getting in line to head back down....crazy!

Don't they look like matchbox cars from up here?

My "car" shot

I love this city! 
At least visiting it anyway.


  1. Really nice shots!! What lens were you using for some of the wide angles?

  2. Thanks guys!

    Ashley, I used my 50mm f1.4 for about half of the pictures, and my kit 28-135mm for the rest, but the really wide angle shot of Chicago was a panoramic stitch of about 8 shots up in the Hancock tower.

  3. Looks like you all had a blast! Wish I could have been there! Ha,ha if I could have come, I was worried that it would be all guys... guess that didn't happen! :D

  4. Love all your photos, definitely want to see the rest of them. I had a great time and appreciate all the time you put into hosting this workshop!

  5. Great photos! I am glad I was able to come along for the fun, and I enjoyed getting to know you and your sister!

  6. Yeah Jessie, we really didn't have a problem with having only guys! :o) Maybe you can make it next time!

    I am hoping to have those pictures done and sent to you guys that attended by tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for those Nicole!

    It was great meeting you too Brooke, I hope you weren't too bored. Well, besides when we were standing in line and getting foot cramps. :o)

  7. But next time... I'll be bring Erika too! :D

  8. DUDE! You make me so proud! Hey, I just got a Wedding request in IN... I'm going to shoot them your info. :) And yes, I want to come next time!

  9. Thanks Britton! And next time I would love to have you AND Erika! :o)


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