Monday, April 18, 2011

Caleb Rardin - Senior Shoot

Last Saturday, Caleb and I braved wind, fire and plague in order to get some amazing senior pictures.    Well, okay, I guess it was just raining a little bit, but it sounds much better with the fire and plague...oh well.

Here are a few of the amazing shots we got in downtown Chicago on a cloudy and cold day.  


1 epic picture of looking out into the distance to convey dreams and aspirations...Check!

1 entirely cool senior...Check!

1 random picture of the subject being swept away by a bit of Disney dust that was floating around the downtown area....Check! 

1 amazingly chill picture with cup of tea...Check! 
1 shot of Caleb with his future place of employment...Check!

Having a fun time during the whole shoot...Check!

Awesome lighting due to cloudy day....Check!

1 picture on the river-walk steps...Check!

Sweet urban backgrounds...Check!

Cloning Caleb...Check!

Finding walls that compliment the colors that Caleb was wearing...Check!

Falling in love again with the beautiful arches of the Fourth Presbyterian Church....Check!

A random and very blurry picture with Jessie Jackson...Check! :o) 

1 totally intense silhouette shot...Check!

Sweet bokeh and existing light sources...Double Check!

Talking the theater manager into changing the sign for us...Check!  
(Okay, so the managers initials are CS5..who cares?)  :o)

1 comment:

  1. Totally love these! My favorite is the silhouette. Good job.


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