Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 13

I was a bit surprised today when I saw this baby mouse running around in my office.  I threw him outside, but not before I grabbed a picture or two of him.  I don't care what kind of animal it is, if it's a baby, it is cute. :o)


  1. Although it is a good picture of a mouse.... I don't think mice are cute! My goal is to get them in a trap or throw them out just as quickly as they come in..... I wouldn't even attempt to try and get a picture of a mouse! Yuck! (one of the disadvantages of living in the Country surrounded by cornfields!)


  2. That mouse was in you're office?? Wow,where do you


  3. Ewww what were you doing ? Chasing it around until you got a good picture of him LOL

  4. Yes Lizzy, it is slightly gross, but also cute.

    Stepheny, I understand because I live the country as well.

    |)@<!|), I do work in an office, but unfortunately a stray mouse finds it's way in once in awhile.

    Cindy, I didn't chase him all around, but for this picture I WAS laying down on the floor about a foot away from him. :o)


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