Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New 30 Day Challenge!

So, awhile ago I did a 30 day photography challenge to stretch my camera know-how and I enjoyed it so much, that I have been looking forward to doing another one for a long time!

So starting today, I will be posting at least one picture a day for 30 days in a row.

However, this challenge will be a bit more difficult, seeing as I can't take just any picture, I have to go by a pre-decided list of subjects/themes.

So the first day was one of my least favorite things to do....self portraits.  I tease that I became a photographer just so I could stay behind the camera, but it is kind of true! :o)

I have a hard time giving a real smile even though I can coach just about anyone else into giving me their best grins.

So here goes the first day of the challenge.

Self Portraits!

Of course, with the advantage of having a studio, I also had some fun props sitting around and just couldn't resist grabbing a few less-than-serious photos. :o)

Check back every day to see a new post! (At least by midnight :o)


  1. Just to let you people know...He's not related to me... :P :)

  2. Gasp*Eli, I can't believe you would say that!! ;)
    After all not everyone can manage to go from being: Dashing-Dork-Doofas-Dweeb-Dude all in one day! That takes serious talent!! :)

  3. I love the silly pics. I knew you had it in you. And you do have one with the cheesy smile!

  4. Thanks guys! (Even Eli for that supportive comment)

    And may I ask who made the last comment? Comments don't do me much good if I don't know who it is that made it! :o)

  5. Lol!!! Nice props! Best wishes for the 30 day challenge! :-)

  6. Very nice!! LOL=D Looking forward to the upcoming posts!


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