Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Garcia Family

I had a great time last Saturday, shooting pictures for the Garcia family.  We had a great time and there was lots of laughter throughout the whole shoot.  They are such a neat family and super easy to work with!

Here are a few pictures from the shoot:

I barely got the whole group to fit in front of my 10' backdrop, but we made it!

I believe you have to have fun, or it isn't a proper photo shoot. :o)

It's a Garcia tree!

I really like this lighting.


Looking sharp David!

Can you believe all the good looks in this family?

Natalie is so sparkly.  As a photographer, it makes my job so easy!

This little dude is super awesome!

Yes, she can melt hearts at will! :o)

What a great couple they are!

Simple background + great subject = Amazing shot

Afterwards, we headed outside to grab a few (chilly) snapshots.  I love shooting in natural light so much better!

Under the park shelter

David, being very chill.  (No pun intended)

Anna and Cindy

Love the bits of snow in the hair, it adds so much character to the picture.

Had to get a jumping picture of course.

Half frozen grins!

For those of you who don't know sign language, they are each signing their initial.
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  1. Great creative pics, Jack, and a beautiful family! Well done!

  2. They're all so good!
    I haven't really been the type or person who
    "likes" to take pictures,
    (It's as if I'm scared of cameras lol)
    but this time it was a whole lot of fun,
    i really enjoyed it!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Angie, if you were "scared of cameras" I couldn't tell! You seemed very natural at posing and comfortable with anything I asked.

    I am glad you had a fun time...that is half the goal when I do a shoot. (The other half is getting good pictures :o)

  4. I know them! WOW! Small world! :) I can imagine with Angie in the shoot, it would get a little "crazy"... lol ;) jk- Angie and her sisters are great people!

    I can't imagine how fun it would be to do a picture shoot with Jack!

    GREAT pictures!


  5. Me? Natural?
    Haha that's a new one,
    But thanks :)

    Alright Stepheny,
    it wasn't that bad... I hope,
    I stayed "calm" for the most part hehe...
    Okay fine that's totally a lie lol...
    Maybe once or twice...

  6. I knew it Angie! lol...

    okay I totally just realized, (thanks to my WONDERFUL mother) that I know you all! lol :) I've met your cousins at the homeschool group, but they've all just changed.... I met Cindy about four years ago at a homeschool picnic, and I see her alot on the McDonnell's blog, but I never realized WHO SHE WAS! lol :) Okay, I'm good, I just need to calm myself down now... lol :)


  7. Wow,
    lol ok slow down there thumper ;)
    don't get too ahead of yourself hehe
    I've still got pictures
    from this past home school picnic,
    like the one of our "tower"
    that ended up being some kinda fail lol
    But we tried we tired
    let me know if you want 'em...
    The pictures i mean :)

  8. I just noticed something,
    isn't it so rude of us
    to be using Jack's blog
    to do our catching up, heh heh :)

  9. Alright perfect,
    i get stuck looking stupid!
    as usual lol

  10. Are you talking about the comments? Or the picture of you laughing? Cause, I love the one of you with your sisters (laughing) and you may post any comments you want on the blog, no problem!

  11. A little of both i guess.
    That picture is embarrassing!!!
    But it's fine,
    I'm not going to lie,
    it made me laugh.:)


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