Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago Workshop with Britton

Yesterday I attended a workshop by Britton Felber, and I got to model for the photographers.  I quickly realized that I love photography not only for the beauty of the art, but also because I get to be BEHIND the camera! ;o)

We had a wonderful day of learning, talking, laughing and doing all things photography.  Then Britton and I had the opportunity to go hear philanthropic photographer Jim Davis-Hicks speak on the Thirst Relief movement that he founded.  Check out their website for more info, it is a worthy cause!

I, of course, brought my camera along and got a few pictures of the day as well.

I was literally laughing out loud when I took this picture.  It was just too funny, I (a photographer) was taking a picture of a photographer taking a picture of a photographer who was taking a picture of Anna.  Wrap your mind around that sentence! :o)

I enjoyed meeting Ruth and envying her awesome Canon Mark II. :o)

Love the variety in the shoes!

Sorry guys, I was a little goofy with this one. You look like seriously cool photographers here though!

Okay, great story behind this picture!

I am kicking myself for not having my settings right on my camera, hence the extra blur and noise in the picture, but here is what happened: 

Britton stepped into a corner with some nice reflections so that we could try out a shot or two.  He has the same problem as me of not liking many pictures of himself due to fake smiles, so he wanted us to get him to smile for real somehow.  I was wondering how to do that, until one word popped into my head.  I said it, and instantly got the genuine Britton smile in this picture.

What was the word?....Why of course Erika! (His fiance)  

I love it when people are in love! :o)

If you want to learn more about photography, starting a business, editing images or relating well with clients, then I would encourage you to keep an eye on his blog for upcoming workshops.


  1. looks like you enjoy on taking pictures.. love your work guys..
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  2. Thanks dard! I do love taking pictures! It's a fulfilling passion of mine!


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