Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pensacola Beach

When I went for a stroll this evening, I had the whole beach to myself!  I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few pictures, then I laid on the sand for awhile and just watched the waves roll in.  

I hope these pictures convey how beautiful and serene it was.  It was just one of those perfect moments that you can't create, they just happen.  

All you can do is sit down and enjoy it, because it never lasts for long.


  1. AWESOME!!!
    Really cool pictures!
    Especially like the first, second, fourth, and fifth.
    really really especially the fifth!
    Awesome job bro!

  2. AWESOME!!!!
    I especially like the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th picture.
    Really really especially like the 5th!
    Awesome shots bro!
    Have fun! :-)

  3. Thanks Eli! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  4. Serene is the perfect capture for these pictures. My favorite one would definitely be the 5th one; although the feet pic would be a close 2nd...;)


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