Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun outdoor lighting...

 Luke, Eli and I decided to mess around with some night flash photography, and we came up with few nice pictures, as well as a few pretty crazy photos!  


 My lighting setup was pretty simple.  It was just these two Alien Bee strobes, one with the umbrella with the back light slaving off of it.

We started messing around with water and we found out that just a little bit of water flicked off the ends of Eli's fingers looks like a whole lot more when you light it up!

Why do fire breathing when you can do the safe alternative of water-breathing? :o) 

Just for the record, these last two pictures were Eli's idea, and his only!  And yes, it was about 55 degrees outside.  Chilly fun!

This may be the one and only time in his life that Eli actually asks Luke to pour a bowl of ice cold water on his head! :o)

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