Friday, July 1, 2011

Rardin Family

What an blessing it was to spend a day with the Rardin family, as they celebrated their parent's 50th anniversary!

It was encouraging to see a family that loves their parents dearly and love each other as well.  There were many laughs, hugs, stories told and joyful tears that day, and I enjoyed being there to preserve those memories forever with my camera.

Not all the grandkids could make it, but all six children were there to honor their parents.

They still had the original cake topper from the wedding 50 years ago, and Dawn Rardin made a beautiful (and tasty) cake to put under it. 

This may be my favorite image from the day.  

I know it is not technically perfect, more of a quick snapshot.  For those of you whose grandparents have passed on though, you know that this picture will be invaluable to little Mindy someday.

There is something extra special and meaningful about a wedding ring that has been on a woman's hand for 50 years.  What faithfulness to aspire to!

Lot's of photos were browsed through that day.  You can never get a picture, once the moment is passed. That is what makes photos so invaluable!

50 years and they still love each other.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Rardin and thank you Rardin family!


  1. Jack, I love the pictures! You've done a great job! Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us so that we could have special pictures to remember this time with Mom and Dad and each other. You've not only captured faces in the pictures, but the emotion behind the faces. Thank you.

    Mary (Rardin) Nelson

  2. Thank you Mrs. Nelson! I will be sending you a link shortly with all the rest of the pictures for your viewing pleasure! :o)

  3. What a wonderful reason to celebrate! And btw, one of the Rardin daughters student taught me in 3rd grade and Pastor C.Rardin is sent out from our church! What a small world! When I saw that first picture, I said, "Hey, I know a couple of them!" :)

  4. Awesome pictures Jack,
    Good Job!

  5. It is a small world Nicole. I didn't know that Clint was sent out of your church. I guess I always thought he was sent out by our church! :o)

    Thanks Eli, you are such a good supporting brother!


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