Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matthew & Jennifer ~ Wedding

So here it is folks!  The full post of some of my favorite pictures from the beautiful wedding of my cousin Jennifer to Mr. Matthew Sutton.


My sister Lizzy traveled out to New York with me and helped out with some of the photography work on the wedding day.  Thank you Liz, you are the best!

Can we assume by this picture that these people know how to have fun?  I think so.

Matt's dad Eric is not only a super cool guy that does photography, but also had a killer car for them to pull away in!  (I might post a picture of that some other time.)

I am not sure if they were posing, or giving me a death threat if I posted any silly pictures of them.  I am hoping it wasn't the threat, cause if it is....then I am toast! :o)

These bridesmaids were so easy to work with due to the fact that they were constantly smiling/laughing.  Thank you ladies!

Steve and Faith invited Lizzy and I to stay at their house over the weekend.  They definitely have the gift of hospitality.

These two just go together so well!

Like peas in a pod.

Like a hand in a glove.

I think you get the idea! :o)

I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures.  I know I enjoyed attending and shooting this wedding!


  1. Well, at least you posted a nice picture of me, and didn't put on the video of me asleep in the car. ;)

  2. BTW, my favorite pictures are 9 & 11-- and the last one is my very favorite. They are so good together! Love it!


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