Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday #1

Thought of the day: What gets your creativity going?

Is it hanging out with photography friends and swapping ideas?  Is it going out and shooting some pictures just for the fun of it?  Is it taking a walk in a quiet woods and admiring God's creation?  

What gets you creative, and when was the last time you did that for your photography?

Maybe writing everything down on paper in a concise list is what helps you, maybe it is dreaming up some big plans with your friends, but whatever it is, you need to do it again.  Do it for your photography's sake, to keep it from becoming typical, average or boring.

So let's get creative again.

I would love to hear your favorite ways to get the ideas flowing!


  1. Jack, Hi, I don't think I've posted before, so hi! (Y'know, maybe I have--you had that mug giveaway...)

    I get ideas flowing by keeping my camera with me throughout my day. I keep our family blog, so it is challenging to me to capture everyday images in new ways as I go through the day. And it is far from exciting--laundry, cooking, homeschooling, grading tests, more cooking, more laundry. (I'm past the "changing diaper" stage...) Trying to capture those everyday moments helps me keep my eye and my brain keen. It's capturing LIFE.

    And when I can, I'll grab Ellie (yes, she has a name), and head on off for nature somewhere--sunsets and waterfalls.

    Thanks for making me think!


  2. Hey Christine, Glad to hear from you!

    I would have to agree with you that everyday life can drag a little bit if you don't look for those special LIFE moments. I am a big fan of getting outdoor shots too. I love being outdoors for any reason! :o)

    If you have a cell phone, check out the newest contest that I just posted, that will REALLY test your creativity skills!

  3. Jack, I just checked it out. Now, I can take a picture with a camera, and I can take a picture with a cell phone, but I am clueless as to how to get my cell phone picture onto my computer?!?! :)


  4. Christine, you can look up for your cell phone online how to upload pictures to your computer.

    Or - you can send me the picture directly to my phone and I will upload it to the blog for you: (815-549-4254)

  5. Thank you! I will try oneline first. I think I've taken a total of two pictures with my cell phone. I'm technologically challenged. :)


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