Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Challenge!

Hey guys, this blog has always featured my photos, so for a little change of pace I would like to showcase one of yours!

So submit one of your favorite pictures to me and if it is in the final cut, I will post it (along with a link if you have a blog) here on my blog!

Oh, there is one little catch, you have to take the picture with a cell phone. :o)

I have heard of professionals using very basic cameras in order to push their creativity photographic style, and cell phones have got to be the most basic cameras ever, so...

Below are a few of my favorite pictures that I have taken with my camera-phone. 

My front yard view of the Midwest sky!

Michigan Ave., Chicago

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

I want to recognize your effort of submitting a great cell phone picture, so I am getting an awesome prize for the first place photo!

I was given the book Fast Track Photography by a photog friend, and I loved the great ideas and tips that it gave for someone starting a new business.  I am looking forward to reading The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan once it ships in as well.

So, for first place prize, you will not only get Fast Track Photographer, but the FTP Business Plan book as well!   Also included is a 150 question online evaluation quiz that pin points areas that you can work on in your photography business and relations.  It really helped me out! 

If you already own these books or they do not interest you, the alternative prize is a $25.00 gift card to the awesome electronics website B&H!

Here are the official rules and details for this contest:

1. One picture must be submitted to me at: by February 17th, 2011

2.  Pictures have to be proper and decent, I reserve the right to not post any picture if I am uncomfortable with the content.

3. I will make it easy on you and let you edit the pictures on your computer or phone to any extent except adding objects digitally.

4. Pictures will be reviewed and finalists will be posted  for final public voting contest on February 18th.

5. Whichever finalist picture gets the most votes wins!

Have fun with this and lets see how creative you guys can be!


  1. Hi Jack,

    This is great! I espescially like the cell phone limitation since it puts the focus more on choosing and setting up the shot rather than how expensive of a camera someone has (which I would certainly lose at :)

    Are you allowed to ask family and friends to vote for you? That would be a pretty effective way of getting alot of new visitors on your blog. :)

  2. Hey David, You got it! That is exactly why I chose cell phones...the basics of photography become a lot more important when you are working with lesser equipment!

    As for the voting in the contest, yes, in the final voting stage, the public will be the ultimate factor, but at first, I will select the pictures for the final vote.

  3. Ok, sounds good. Did you get my e-mail about the video?

  4. My little Sister sent you one of her's....Sounds like a fun Challenge, can't wait to see the finalists!

  5. Hi Jack,

    I had a couple more questions about the contest:

    - Does the photo need to be one taken after this was posted or is an old cell phone picture acceptable?

    - Are multiple submissions allowed?



  6. David, it's pretty open...any cell phone picture, doesn't matter when you took it. And you can send me as many entries as you want, but I will only post my favorite one, so you may just want to send me YOUR favorite.

    Hope that answers your question!

  7. How about pictures with an iPod? Do those count?

  8. Pictures with an iPod will count, seeing as it is the same camera as the iPhone. I am sure you could get some pretty cool shots with your iPod Levi.

  9. Cool!. Wade is gonna be here today so I'm sure we'll get some good ones. Thanks!!!

  10. Great idea!! I sent you my entries, funny thing is I never take cell phone pics but I ended up on vacation between cameras. Sold my old D-Slr to get my new one, but it took a while to come I was stuck with the point and shoot, but it was really fun because you have to rely on your eye instead of your features!
    Thanks for letting me know about it over on my blog! Is it okay if I repost this on my blog for a chance for my followers to also join?

  11. Wow, my sis just gave me a heads-up on this, so I might have submitted mine too late! :) Oh well! Looking forward to viewing the finalists!!


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