Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A wee bit o' Irish :)

I shot some eighth grade pictures for this good looking guy last Saturday and we decided to include the other kids from the family as well.  It was a fun time and with the exception of my own family, I have never shot this many red heads at once.   Gotta love it! :o)

I posted a few of my favorites from the shoot, which one is yours?



  1. Oh! These are really good!
    you have some taker -:0)

  2. My favorite would be the black and white full body one of him standing in the tall grass; love the location these were taken at.
    PS I love your photography; I love you! :)

  3. I really like the fourth and tenth ones! Great pictures, Jack!

  4. Ok Nicole, please...Let's keep the subject on photography....sigh jk lol :-) ;-) :0)

  5. I like the second one down, in black and white, of all four siblings together. But really, ALL of the pictures are great -- I like that you can tell the wind is blowing in the one with the girl and her dog. It adds so much 'interest' to the picture.


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