Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

This is a late night Thoughtful Thursday so most of you will probably see it on Friday, but sometimes I am a lot more thoughful later on in the evening, once I have laid my work aside and the house is quiet.

So the thing to ponder today is: Are you a professional or hobbyist?

Sometimes people who think that photography is the only thing they want to do, end up taking another job and losing interest in it.  Others, just enjoy shooting as a hobby and one day realize that they could use their skills as a business.

Regardless if you are a casual shooter or a professional, it is good once in awhile to re-evaluate where you are at with your photography and why.  Photography as a business may be the worst idea ever for you personally, or it might be a great way to really love your job. 

Just consider the possibilities either way.

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