Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter morning in Chicago

 Those who know me well, know that doesn't take much to convince me to make a trip to downtown Chicago.  I love that place!

Last Saturday, I went to Chicago to help out a young photographer, who was looking to get a few shots of specific places downtown.  Of course, while we were there, I shot some pictures too, so here are a few that I thought you all might enjoy.

A picture of history
I love the mix of old and new buildings that line Michigan Ave! 

Curtis was a great model for being out in 25 degree weather (Not including the stiff wind chill!)

We warmed up at the Caribou Coffee across from Millennium Park.  (I got the dark chocolate Campfire Mocha and it was amazing!)

The faces were on for once!  I had never got a chance to get a good picture of them until Saturday.

One of my favorite buildings in Chicago...the John Hancock Tower!

Here is why I love it.  The view is incredible!

I found out that the observatory at the top of the Hancock building is not only good for pictures of downtown Chicago, but also for high key lighting!

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