Saturday, August 21, 2010

A "Just Because" Shoot

Have you ever taken out your camera, gotten together with some other photographer buddies and done a "just because" shoot?  It is very refreshing, because there is no deadlines, clients, pressure...anything!  You just hang out, try new angles, composition...etc. and talk shop.

Wade Reed and I did one of those shoots a few days ago and Wade's older brother Drew came along to model.

Wade, doing his thing. 
(You can check out his work on his family blog)

Getting intense...

Have I ever mentioned that I love brick walls?

Wade is a die-hard Nikon shooter.

 A little bit of silhouette practice.

To see some more pictures from this shoot, head over to my family blog.


  1. Nice job Jack. It was nice to do some shooting with you. I hope next time I come down we can do it again.

  2. love the silhouette picture! cool!


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