Friday, March 19, 2010

From the archives: 
My First Wedding

Wow, just looking at these pictures again bring back a bunch of memories!  It was really an amazing time.  It had been raining all morning, and continued to rain as we started shooting the wedding party pictures, but Kelsey and Ben were great...they gave me almost four hours to shoot pictures before the wedding, so I wasn't under a ton of pressure.  On top of that, they were really laid back and comfortable with everything, not to mention being a totally awesome looking couple!

Thanks Ben and Kelsey for the great memories!

In this picture, if you look close, the chairs are all filled with water from the rain.  God answered our prayers though, and even though it was raining all morning, it stopped just in time for the wedding, and was the most beautiful, cool, sunny day ever!  God is good.

Foot picture!

I couldn't believe that Kelsey was willing to walk down this muddy woods trail in her wedding dress before the wedding.  Brave woman! :o)

What a cute couple!

Now how cool is this?  The groom and his family brought along shotguns to shoot clays before the wedding!  They were still popping pigeons out of the sky when the prelude music was going ten minutes before the ceremony.  I love it!

Waiting for the bride..

One more kiss for the camera!

"And they are living happily ever after!"


  1. Awesome work, friend! I just wish my first wedding images turned out so good. I love them!

  2. Nicely done, Jack. What a satisfying hobby/business.


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