Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Album!

When Stephan and Jenny contacted us about doing a wedding album for them, we were so excited to get started.  Their choices of options and colors made our first wedding album design look amazing by showcasing the custom spreads we put together for them.
We are so glad to be able to offer professional wedding albums for any of our clients in the future as well as any of our past clients who would be interested in having us design their perfect wedding book.

So without further ado, Jack & Nicole Photography is proud to present the wedding album of Stephan and Jenny! :)

 I love the signature chocolate and espresso packaging we use to deliver the album in; it's totally us.

 Jenny and Stephan chose a dark red leather cover with the custom photo front.

 This 8x12 inch album opens up to 2 feet wide for stunning photo spreads!

The lay-flat press printed pages provide a perfect seamless picture.  No bend is visible when it is fully open.  I love it!

Our printing company that we use does a super sharp job on all the binding and page elements that make up the album.

No matter where you are at in the book, the lay-flat pages are perfectly even thanks to the innovative spine design.

Lots of fun pictures made it into this special book!

 Oh yeah, we have lots of cover options for you.  48 to be exact!  From leather to linen to design imprints, we have a full range to make the books personal.

 These are a few of our favorites, and I think we will be using the top one for our own wedding album design. :)

Contact us today if you want more details on a custom designed, one of a kind album that will last a lifetime and make any bookshelf, mantle or coffee table look good!


  1. Amazing! What does the price run?

    1. Lindsay, the price runs very widely based on options and how many spreads you print, but the average with our design fee is around $300-$600

    2. Thanks! Definitely looks worth every dollar. Will be keeping this in mind for the future...

  2. So, even if you didn't take our pics, you can create an album for us?

    1. Rachael, if you have the copyright to your pictures and high res images, we could design an album for you, no problem!

  3. I saw the album "in person," and it was absolutely first class! I can't wait to see Jack & Nicole design their own from their big day!! :) ~MOM

    1. Glad we could show it to you, and we can't wait to get ours printed either! Love you! :)

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