Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rachel - Senior Shoot

Last Saturday, we had a fun time shooting some senior pictures with Rachel.  

Although January isn't the normal time to do outdoor photo shoots, the weather was quite warm for this time of the year and we had a blast getting some fun images.




  1. Great Pictures. She really has become a beautiful young lady!

  2. Beautiful! So creative-love the trumpet shot--
    So--I started Lightroom, at your recommendation-so much to learn-but I think you are right-so many more possibilities and a much faster workflow than Photoshop--thanks! Although, I may hit you up for some tips--I love, love, love the new look (especially the logo)! Did you design everything yourselves? I am blown away!

  3. Thank you Brooke! It is totally awesome to work with Nicole and blend our styles together!

    And congratulations on getting Lightroom Mrs. Murdock, I am sure you won't regret that. :)

    We are actually planning (Lord willing) on creating some short photography and Lightroom video tutorials to share here on the blog this year. Hopefully those are a help and informative for our followers that love photography as much as we do!

  4. And yes, we had a brainstorming session for the new logo. We wanted something clean and simple, but very "us" and I like what we got! :)


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