Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting friends...

If you clicked on the link titled "Visiting friends..." and expected to see some nice portraits, sorry, no humans today!

These "visiting friends" are of the glass and metal sort.  Still, they are very near and dear to my heart due to the fact that I will be shooting a wedding this weekend as well as the next weekend.

I am sure these loyal friends will be a great help as I work at getting the best pictures possible for the bride's big day.

I wish they could live with me forever, but until my piggy-bank agrees with me, I will have to be content with them dropping by for a short visit. :o)


  1. It would be really sweet if your visitors would pop in for a visit up here at my place...;)
    Enjoy their stay; I will be watching for all you do with them!

  2. Sorry Nicole, I am keeping these friends right by my side for their entire stay. I shot my first wedding of this week with them and now I REALLY like them!


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