Friday, July 29, 2011

I made the switch...

I have had a wonderful relationship with my Motorola Droid and I loved it, until this last week.  It started dropping 3G coverage randomly and even freezing up and bad lagging.

I had been thinking about switching to an iPhone since I got my Macbook Pro, and this confirmed my decision.  So as of now, I am the owner of a shiny new iPhone 4!  

Only time will tell if I like it a lot, but so far, so good!
Any advice from current iPhone users on good apps or layouts for the phone would be much appreciated.  I am quite new at this format. :o)


  1. Jailbreak it and get the app MyWi, it's for Internet tethering. With it you can give your MacBook (or any devices) wifi anywhere. Also bump and remote desktop are good. I'm so glad you finally got right with God and got rid of the stumbling block in your life called the droid. It's nice to know you will get the "Apple Crown of Rejoicing" in heaven rather than the "martyrs/endurance crown" from the droid. Reid

  2. Hey Jack!
    So I told Monica and her sister (I forgot her name:D) that you said "Hi!" and they got all excited and were wondering if we were from the same church; how I knew you guys; how you guys have been doing; how wedding plans were going; where the wedding was going to be; and "Hi" back :)
    Okay...I think that was all... :) Cindy

    p.s. So how do you like your new phone ???

  3. Haha Reid, very funny. I loved my Droid and I still like a few of the features better than the iPhone, but I must say, I am enjoying this phone quite a bit now that I am getting the hang of it!

    Thanks Cindy! I figured you would see them, and it is always cool to meet people that have some of your friends in common. From pictures I saw, it looks like you guys had a good time at camp. Was CIT fun?

    I love my new phone, but I am still learning it. Your little sister probably can run an iPhone better than me still after all that practice on Luke's and Reid's. :o)

  4. Yes it's really neat meeting one of your friends, friends lol:)CIT was AMAZING !!! I would do it again in a heartbeat :)
    I'll have to tell you guys about it next time i see you


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