Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friend Shoot

Have you ever thought about doing a friend shoot?  

It makes for a great time of memories that will last forever thanks to photography.   A friend album will not only last for a lifetime, but it could also be the most amazing gift ever!  Christmas, birthday or just because you are an awesome friend.  

Contact me if you are interested in a shoot for you and your best friends!

My curly-haired sister and her friend Anna.

Another curly-haired sister and her friend Kaity.  (Most of my sisters are curly-tops if you hadn't figured that out yet.)

A little merry-go-round fun!

Two women drivers at once?  Not so sure about this idea!  :o)

Sisters and also best friends.


  1. Love these pictures; especially the one on the merry go round! Friend photo shoots are so much fun, my friends and I used to do them almost every year. The last one we did was our final summer together and I had the pictures made into photobooks. The memories preserved there are ones I know I will forever cherish!

  2. Thanks Nicole, I have only printed a few photo books, but I love photography in book form.


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