Monday, December 6, 2010

A few family pictures

This evening I brought a backdrop and a couple of lights home so that we could shoot a few family pictures for my sister and her family.  For being a quick thrown together shoot in our living room, I was pretty pleased with the way the pictures turned out.

I love my adorable niece!

It was also this little guy's birthday tonight, so we got a shot of him for the family blog.


  1. Kaity is SOOO beautiful! I love their family picture... so sweet!

    Emily is getting really big.... she is absolutly ADORABLE! (my sister has the same dress she's wearing also! lol :))

    Connor is such handsome little guy! Happy Birthday Connor! :)


  2. Aw how sweet! That little girl is SO cute!!(I guess her name is Emily?) Happy Birthday, Conner!! (again, I'm kinda assuming that's the little dude's name!)lol!

  3. Super cute family! Love all the shots.


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