Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 5x2

As you may have noticed, I posted Day 5 a little early due to the fact that my Sunday is pretty crazy busy.  So to do penance for not posting on the correct day, I am putting up a double picture post.  (Such hard punishments I give myself! :o)

This picture is my tribute to the end of summer.  Although we will still have some warm days, laying on the trampoline with bare feet and soaking in the sun is about over with for this year.  

My favorite season is Fall, but still, I do enjoy the summer months and they always seem to pass altogether too quickly.


  1. OH SO SMELLY!!!!
    Not the picture....Your FEET! JK

  2. I can rest your mind at ease Eli. My feet were well aired out, clean and fresh smelling at the time of this picture. :o)


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