Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 21

Well, I turned in my wonderful new camera today and got the results in a little envelope at the 1-hour photo counter and I wanted to do a quick review on some of the wonderful breakthrough technology that this camera offers.

The number one amazing feature is battery life.  How many times have you been out shooting, when you have to cut a shoot short due to low batteries?  That is solved with a truly extraordinary feature on this camera.  All you have to do is swipe your thumb across a small wheel on the back of the camera, and you are ready to shoot!

Number 2 giant leap in the photography world is the incredible lightness of the camera unit.  No more wrist strain, no more bulky, heavy bags of equipment, just slip it in your pocket and you are ready to travel!

Thirdly, the space that these pictures take on your computer (once you print them and scan them and crop them) is so minimal and uploads at lightning speeds to the most popular photography sharing websites!

There are a few drawbacks such as, low resolution, no hot shoe flash option, no changeable lenses, only 27 shots per camera, huge amounts of noise, no tripod mount, annoying scroll wheel sounds and no editing until after you scan the pictures into your computer, but who can complain about these trivialities when this cutting edge technology hits the market?  Nobody!

Below, I have included a few sample shots from the camera, duly printed and scanned into my computer today.  The results will speak for themselves.


  1. wow thats pretty good for the camera your using

  2. Why thank you Eli, I couldn't have done it without you beside me, encouraging me along the way! :o)


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