Friday, July 16, 2010

The little things...

I was out shooting pictures at the park recently, when my sister pointed out this bumblebee, flying around the flower beds.  If she hadn't pointed it out, I probably would have just passed by without even thinking about it.

If you take a second or two out of your mental schedule to appreciate the simple beauty around you, you may find out that life becomes much more enjoyable and interesting.  We live in a fast paced world that leaves little or no room for just stopping for a while and enjoying the amazing creations of God.

So take some time in during your morning jog, or after a busy day at the office and just enjoy the sights that don't cost anything, yet bring a spark of happiness to your busy life.

"Be still, and know that I am God:" 
(Psalm 46:10)


  1. Hey man,

    I love shooting the little things in life.

  2. I know you do Wade, I can tell by your photography blog that macro is right up your alley!

    Keep on shooting!


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