Friday, July 30, 2010

 ~ Chrissy & Stephen ~

This little guy was totally cute!

Handsome brothers

This picture makes me smile.  All the guys put their legs up, and Garrett just couldn't quite get it figured out. :o)

Stephen very graciously helped Chrissy over a muddy path. :o)

They left in a surprise limo ride!


  1. Great pictures, Jack!
    Cute pic of Garrett trying to figure the leg thing out!:) Really like how you worked with the puddles and mirror.

  2. Classy shots, Jack. The irony of the sign on "Island road" in a flood. :)

  3. Thank you Ben and Kaity...I really enjoyed shooting Chrissy's wedding.

  4. Woah! I'm just now seeing these images, Dude! You rocked them! Good job!!!!!

  5. I REALLY like these pictures! I think my favorite on is the one with the wedding rings... SO beautiful...
    You must have a really nice camera! Is it a Canon?
    Hopefully one day I'll get a better one, when I get better at taking pictures.
    Photography is one of my FAVORTIE hobbies! So I really enjoy this blog... gives me new ideas... :)


  6. Thank you Stepheny, glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures. I currently shoot with the Canon 50D and I do like it very much!

    Don't think that it is just a nice camera that makes good pictures though, it is so much more who is running it, so keep shooting and learning and enjoying the camera that you have.


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