Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lazy blogger reporting!   I have not had my camera out much in the last few weeks.  However, when I was out playing ultimate frisbee yesterday, I noticed this cute little guy crawling around in the grass and chasing bubbles and I couldn't resist grabbing a few snapshots.   He has quite the personality.


  1. He is adorable! Cute pictures.

  2. Jack, can you tell me how you get the pictures to be so big on your blog?

  3. Lindsay,

    1. Go to the blogger dashboard
    2. Click on "Settings"
    3. Go to the very bottom of the page and under "Global Settings" select "updated editor"

    That will change the way your blogger post editor looks, but it will also let you click on pictures as you upload them and select larger sizes.

    Hope that helps you out!

  4. Thanks Jack. That is a huge help!

  5. No problem Lindsay, glad to help.


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