Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Jacob!

I was finishing editing pictures from Jacob's senior photo shoot in Chicago tonight and I  just couldn't resist posting a few more pictures from the awesomely fun day.  

Story behind the picture: I have run to several trains, but this was the first one that I have ever missed. Jacob was calling people to make arrangements here at the very empty train station.

Okay photographers, don't drool, but Jacob made arrangements for us to shoot some pictures in the beautiful Grainger Ballroom.  This is in the building with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  We popped our heads in the concert hall and the whole orchestra was in there rehearsing!  
So totally cool.

I began to understand how much Jacob loves music when he requested that I take a picture of his cello by itself. :o)  BTW, he is amazing on the cello.

"The Bean" is a place I can never resist at least getting a picture or two at while I am downtown.  The lighting under the Bean was actually really cool (as you can see in the picture right above this one) due to the fact that the afternoon sun reflected all around to make a nice soft light box.

Thanks again Jacob, you were a very easy subject!  

If you would like to line up a portrait shoot with me, check out my contact page on my website at: www.photographybyjackmcdonnell.com

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  1. Wow sooo lucky to see the Chicago Symptony Orchestra live while rehearsing !!!



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